Reebok, headquartered in Boston, United States, is a leading company in the design, marketing and distribution of fitness and fashion footwear, apparel and accessories.
Reebok is a pioneering global brand in the sporting goods industry with a rich history and heritage in fitness. Founded in 1895, it did not receive its current name until 1960. Since then, Reebok develops products, technologies and programs that promote physical activity, and the brand is committed to accompanying people in their goal of reaching their full potential. Reebok connects with the fitness consumer wherever they are and however they decide to be in shape: training, running, dancing, yoga, combat, cross training or Zumba. Technology and sustainability are two fundamental pillars in the brand's strategy in order to satisfy the needs of athletes who want to achieve their best version.
Reebok Classics focuses on the brand's heritage and represents Reebok's roots in the sporty lifestyle but with a casual twist. This is where the brand's extensive archive is updated and comes to life for a new generation of consumers looking to be trendy in their day-to-day lives by using Reebok products as part of their hallmark.

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