Cortefiel was the first brand to be created by Tendam. From its beginnings in 1945, the brand is based on values such as the elegance, quality, comfort and functionality of its garments and proudly represents its textile tradition and its experience in making clothing.

Decade after decade, Cortefiel has become an established brand and a leader in fashion that has been adapting, revamping the stores and collections to provide styles for every moment. Its experience and customer service has led it to gain the trust and loyalty of its shoppers. Today, they are part of a CLUB with over six million members.

The natural elegance that its garments transmit and its wide variety of products have led it to become an established brand and a leader in fashion which has been adapting until reaching over 300 points of sale in more than 40 countries, both chain stores and franchises.

Cortefiel, naturally elegant. We are waiting for you at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza!


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