Grimey offers something innovative, neither too sober nor too complicated, moving within a wide range of designs but without losing its own style, very marked especially on t-shirts by the use of phrases with messages.
Grimey is a brand created by people who have lived street culture since the 80s. Its creation and development has been produced like any product that is created and developed on the street, without money, with heart and with a lot of effort.

Something that started years ago in a small place and with a minimal investment, is becoming, thanks to work, one of the most recognized Spanish brands. Grimey represents the spirit of being able to do something great from scratch, that money doesn't always rule, and that anyone can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Grimey's middle name is "Burning & Looting" a metaphor for the style in which the brand was created, entering the market by means other than usual and changing the rules of the game. Try to reflect this spirit in most of the t-shirts using phrases and designs with messages. Grimey is street, sells street and invests in the street.

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