La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, official campus of the last Spanish Climbing Cup competition

The Spanish Cup for Climbing of Youth and Absolute Difficulty will celebrate its third and last competition this weekend, on October 2 and 3, at the Climbat centre of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. The competition, divided into three tests, is co-organized by Climbat and the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports (FEDME).

Schedules 3rd test Spanish Cup of Climbing of Youth and Absolute Difficulty

Saturday - October 2 / Junior and Senior Semifinals

  • 7 am Delivery of numbers SUB-14 and SUB-16 + Opening of the warm-up zone
  • 8 am Technical Meeting in the warm-up area
  • 8:30 am Flash routes SUB-14 and SUB-16
  • 9 am Start Semifinals
  • 2 pm Delivery of numbers SUB-18, SUB-20 and ABSOLUTA + Opening of the warm-up zone
  • 3 pm Technical meeting
  • 3:30 pm Flash routes SUB-18, SUB-20 and ABSOLUTA
  • 4 pm Start Semifinals

Sunday - October 3 / Youth and Absolute Finals

  • 7 am Opening of isolation zone
  • 8 am Close isolation area
  • 8:30 am Final start
  • 2 pm Awards ceremony
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