Aragón Fashion Week 2023 (URL: aragon-fashion-week-2023)

Aragón Fashion Week returns once again to Zaragoza with its fifth edition. Between the 13th and 18th of March, the great showcase for Aragonese designers and the textile industry returns.

On this occasion, the fashion shows will take place at the Palacio de Congresos on 17 and 18 March and in this edition we will be able to enjoy Fashion, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Schools and the final of the 18th Young Designers Competition.
In addition, throughout the five days of Aragón Fashion Week 2023, you can enjoy the talk by designer Maite Casademunt on sustainable fashion in Aragon among many others.

It aims to be a global event to bring the world of fashion and culture closer to Aragonese society through catwalks and events that show the world the talent of the community, as well as the values, design and creativity.

13th March

Talk with Maite Casademunt

The businesswoman Maite Casademunt, president and director of the fashion company Lola Casademunt, will give a talk in the Patio de la Infanta in Zaragoza on 15 March at 19:00h.

14th of March

The Influencer in you - 14th of March Espacio Joven Ibercaja

On the 14th of March you can enjoy at the Espacio Joven Ibercaja the talk 'La influencer que llevas dentro', a talk moderated by Sara Gao, Marketing Director of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza and expert in fashion and retail communication.

María Gómez Campillo, who has more than 20 years of experience in the world of marketing and is an expert in digital marketing and communication in social networks, will participate in the talk.
She will also be joined by influencers Alex Lamata, Fernando Lucía and Susana Moreno from unvestidorconideas.

15th March

From Art Brut to Fashion Hub: pioneers of sustainable design in Aragon

On Wednesday 15th March at 20:00h in Etopía there will be a talk about some of the pioneers of sustainable design in Aragón.

Art Brut is a term coined in 1945 to refer to the art of people who were outside the art world and had no academic training. For its part, the Aragón Fashion Hub is an initiative that was created to face the challenges of the fashion sector: the ecological transition and the digital transformation.

16th March

Sustainable stitches: fashion or necessity?

Sustainable fashion is undoubtedly one of the main pillars of Aragón Fashion Week 2023. Therefore, on Thursday 16th March at 19:00h a round table will take place in the Patio de la Infanta to discuss the topic of circularity in the textile and fashion sector with the presence of distinguished speakers such as: Miguel Luis Lapeña Cregenzán, Javier Navarro España, Luis del corral Martín and Cristina Crespo Miñana.


17th of March

Design Schools Fashion Show

The Design Schools will be in charge of opening the fashion shows of the Aragón Fashion Week 2023 that will take place on Friday 17th March at 19:00 h in the Palacio de Congresos. Here you will be able to enjoy the designs of the fashion students who will present their designs for the first time. 

Aragonese Fashion School Fashion Show

The Aragonese Fashion School will parade on Friday 17th March at 19:00h. This fashion show will open the parades of this 5th edition of the Aragon Fashion Week. With designers like CENSI, Fely López, Gladys Quintanilla, Álvaro Castillo, Inés Gabardós or Carlota Levi.

Sustainable Fashion and Entrepreneurship Fashion Show

The sustainable fashion and entrepreneurship fashion show will take place on Friday 17th March at the Palacio de Congresos at 20:00h and will be the closing event of the first day of Aragón Fashion Week 2023. We will be able to enjoy the fashion shows of: Tejuelas, TerrenTeresa, Cachito Pop, Eva del Ruste and L'amar contemporary.

Technology and experimentation

Technology and experimentation are two of the main themes in this fifth edition of Aragón Fashion Week 2023. Iván Royo will present his collection with this theme.

XVIII Contest of Young Designers of Aragon

The XVIII Contest of Young Designers of Aragón will take place at 21:00 h in the Palacio de Congresos just after the first day of the Aragón Fashion Week 2023.
Last year's winner was Irene Bielsa (she will do an exhibition show), and this time the finalists will parade with their different collections to become the winners of the contest. This year's winner will receive a plaque, a cheque for three thousand euros and a year's membership of the Federación de Insdustrias Textiles y de la Confección de Aragón (FITCA).

18th March

Aragonese fashion parades

On Saturday 18th March you will be able to enjoy the fashion shows of Aragonese brands on the main day of this edition. It will take place from 19:30 in the Palacio de Congresos and will be held in two shifts, one at 19:30 and the other at 20:30. We will be able to enjoy the designs of: Susana Aperte, Cocolebrel, Arantxa Latorre, My Bella Moon, Berduque, Protocolo, Elena Navarro Atelier and the Gremio de Sastres y Modistos Artesanos de Aragón.

At 21:30, the closing fashion show of this 5th edition of the Aragón Fashion Week will take place. We will count with the presence of a luxury guest firm, Angel Schlesser. Awarded Best National Designer by Elle magazine and National Fashion Design Award 2022, Angel Schlesser's fashion show is sure to leave no one indifferent.



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