To have a perfect wardrobe you must forget about last trends and start thinking about basics. It is essential that you invest in clothes with no expiration date and with high quality. In this way, you will ensure that, season after season, the pieces of your wardrobe are kept in perfect condition even though the years.

We have shared a shopping day at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza with Rebeca Labara (@atrendylife) and these are the clothes that will not be missing this fall in your wardrobe.

1. CLOTH COAT: with or without a belt but it have to be in your fall wardrobe

If we think of an autumn jacket, dark colors come to mind. Rebeca, however, recommends us to get a withe cloth coat. It is a must for this fall!

2. SUIT TROUSERS AND JACKET: matching culottes and blazer for any occasion

A bet on a total look to match with a pantsuit and jacket is always a success. For Rebeca, Fifty's trouser suit and jacket have been a crush both to wear combined with other garments and to wear together.

3. BLACK ANKLE BOOTS: the trendiest autumn footwear

Rebeca is sure about it. And that comfort is often above anything when choosing what footwear to complete a look. Rockpot's black heel boots have been your perfect choice for the fall season.

4. BLACK BAG: a timeless must

A versatile Guess bag with short and long handles to combine with a lot of looks has been the accessory chosen by Rebeca. An ideal complement for your daily looks but also for any special occasion.

5. MINIMALIST PENDANTS: a delicate touch in your daily looks

For Rebeca, accessories are perfect to complete any look. Her favorites, the gold and minimalist pendants from Festina to combine them perfectly.

6. FIBER JACKET: a touch of color for the autumn´s days

Rebeca recommends us to get an ultralight jacket from Izas to enjoy the autumn walks and give a touch of color to the grayer days!


As you can see, these 6 clothes make a versatile wardrobe that is easy to adapt to each situation. But we give you one more tip: create your looks (and your wishlist) around these options to get a wardrobe full of style.


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