Get ready for back to school 2023: clothes, shoes, school supplies and much more


Back to school is usually a very exciting time for children, as they usually don't see many of their friends during the holidays, so this is the time for them to catch up and tell about all the adventures they've had over the summer.

As always, the same thing happens at the end of summer. Exactly! They've outgrown their clothes, they've torn them up playing... so as well as renewing all their school material, we need to renew their wardrobe.

Preparing to go back to school can be a complicated and expensive process... La Torre Outlet Zaragoza makes it easy for you! Discover our incredible offer for children, with the best discounts in Zaragoza!



Everything you need for back to school at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza


Do you need back to school backpacks, clothes, shoes or school supplies? At La Torre Outlet we have shops for the little ones, with a wide variety of clothes and materials to choose from to suit your child's needs and tastes.

In the end, they are thinking about having fun and enjoying themselves, so it is normal that their clothes and school materials end up getting damaged, and we as parents have to be aware of this so that they never lack anything.

Our intention is to make the process as uncomplicated as possible and to help you find everything you need at a more than reasonable price at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza.



Back-to-school clothes from the best brands


Although it depends on the age of the child, it is usual to have to renew the wardrobe for the return to school... The aim is to make them feel good and comfortable, to let them exploit their flexibility to play and have fun without having to think about anything else, as children are usually very active, dirtying and/or tearing their clothes the day they least expect it.

Moreover, in the case of the little ones, it has to be clothes that are easy to take off and put on so that they can be dressed or undressed as quickly as possible, whether we have to do it ourselves if they are very young, or if they dress themselves... So we suggest several options.

If you are looking for a tracksuit or sportswear for them to practice sports, or simply for them to play and be comfortable, in our Decathlon, Adidas or Puma shops you can find a wide range of clothes for back to school: from tracksuits to trainers, always at the best price.

If you are looking for colourful, fun and trendy clothes, in our Benetton Outlet you can find them at an unbeatable price. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more formal clothes, for the weekend or special occasions, in our All We Wear shop you can find Hacket children's clothes.

And if all else fails, El Corte Inglés is an option we always have to keep in mind, due to its wide variety of back to school clothes: smart and formal, from well-known brands and cheaper brands, we are sure you will find the ideal clothes for your child!



Sturdy back-to-school shoes


Children often want to play in a carefree way, without worrying about ruining clothes or shoes, so it is best to look for quality, hard-wearing shoes that are easy to clean.

The search for back-to-school shoes can be endless, and with how fast they grow, you have to be constantly renewing them.

We have to take into account the comfort of the little ones, so first we must choose whether we want velcro or lace-up shoes. Besides, we must prioritise the materials with which they are made before their design, because, as we all know, they are not going to last for a long time.

In conclusion, we are looking for back-to-school shoes that are comfortable, resistant and clearly at a good price, since, especially in the case of the little ones, we are going to have to constantly renew their footwear.

Our recommendation is that if you are looking for trainers you should go to Decathlon or Skechers.



Back-to-school backpacks with unique discounts


Backpacks are a very personal accessory for children. They often like to identify with their favourite team, series, video games... The start of the school year is the time when they tend to renew it, and that's why they love to wear a new backpack for the new school year.

Before choosing a back-to-school backpack, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions: do you know what your child likes best or what he/she might prefer? Back-to-school backpacks with wheels, backpacks on the back or shoulder bags? Does he/she need a lot of compartments and pockets, or is a simple option more than enough?

To be honest, backpacks are a world apart; with wheels they are very practical and good for the development of your back. They also have more storage capacity so everything fits perfectly.

Depending on the weight they have to carry, backpacks can also be a great option as they allow them to move around more and even save time on the way to school.

If you choose a shoulder bag as your back-to-school backpack this year, it's no problem either, they're ideal for keeping weight off your back or neck and fit much more than you might think at first glance.

In Marketches you can find all kinds of backpacks for back to school next year.



The widest selection of school supplies


If we talk about back to school we can't forget about school supplies. At Torre Outlet Zaragoza you can find all the back to school supplies you need.

As in the previous cases, Marketches is a great option! In their shop you can find all the school supplies you need, at the best price.

Among the main things they may need for the start of school are obviously a school diary to write down all homework and important communications, filing cabinets to keep everything important, cardboard and plasticine for arts and crafts, notebooks for writing, highlighters, coloured markers, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners...

And we mustn't forget his lunch or snacks! If you are looking for practicality so that he can carry his lunch in the simplest and least chaotic way, the perfect option may be to buy a lunch box so that he can carry all his food organised and located in the same place. You can find various models at Oh Gar or The Crazy Home.


Come to La Torre Outlet Zaragoza and find everything you are looking for back to school!

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