La Torre Outlet Zaragoza

After years of work the day has come.

Tomorrow at 10 am we will open to the public for the first time. However, it will not be as we had imagined. Today our daily reality is different, changing and we are going through delicate moments. A new social context that we must not ignore or avoid. Unlike.

Our opening comes in the midst of a complicated health situation and restrictions. They say that in advertising there are forbidden words and in this text you have already read several of them. Despite everything, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza will open tomorrow.

The employment and wealth that the project brings to the economy of Aragon cannot be postponed, but today we must give priority to health security. For this reason, we will make an opening in phases that avoids agglomerations. We ask that, when you come to visit our space, you do so with the greatest prudence and with all the responsibility that the health authorities are requesting of us.

We are the only commercial space where you can stroll through the outdoor stores and we comply with all the health and safety measures required by the authorities. If you prefer, we offer you appointment services and virtual shopping through our website so that you can schedule your visit and reduce risks. And if you consider that it is not yet time for us to meet, there will be time to do so.

We were born with the vocation of accompanying you in your shopping and leisure time for many years. We will be here, putting our little grain of sand so that the situation improves and together we can get out of it.

Today our commitment to society leads us not to delay our opening to the public and, at the same time, advise you to be more responsible than ever.

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