Father's Day is the perfect occasion to give something to your father and make him realise that he is the most important man in your life. In this blog, we are going to propose some original gift ideas for Father's Day to surprise him this March 19th, either with personalised gifts or even with handicrafts made by you. As well as being able to buy the most original gifts for Father's Day at La Torre Outlet, you will be able to enjoy this special day with him in our shopping centre.

Come to La Torre Outlet with your father and take the opportunity to surprise him for Father's Day this 2024!



If you're looking for Father's Day ideas, you're in luck, at La Torre Outlet we have a wide range of over 60 brands, so we're sure you'll find the perfect Father's Day gift to make him feel fashionable, whether it's with classic or modern touches.

If your father is one of those who are always looking to look stylish on any occasion, you can find shirts, or ties to give him this Father's Day 2024 that he is sure to love.

If, on the other hand, your dad likes to dress more relaxed or casual, you can buy him Father's Day gifts ranging from jeans to sweatshirts and sneakers from top brands like Pepe Jeans or even Adidas, helping him to always maintain his unique style.

On top of all this, you'll find a varied selection of Father's Day 2024 accessories, from watches at shops like Festina, to high quality belts at Spagnolo or Jack & Jones. These details will make all the difference to any outfit and your dad is sure to appreciate them.



At La Torre Outlet you can get Father's Day gifts of all kinds, from handmade crafts, personalised gifts or even experiences.

For us, the most original gift for Father's Day is spending quality time with your children, and making plans together, which is why we bring you a guide with Father's Day gift ideas.

Whichever option you choose to give for Father's Day, what your father will really value is sharing moments of connection and complicity with his son. Make this Father's Day 2024 unique and special!



If you feel like giving something original, you can always give Father's Day handicrafts made by yourself, so bring out your most artistic and creative side, you're sure to leave him speechless!

As for Father's Day crafts, the first thing we suggest is to create a personalised card, with his favourite theme and colours, adding emotional messages. Another idea to surprise him on Father's Day is to make a photo album with memories and anecdotes that you have lived together that will make him relive those moments. You can find all the necessary materials for these crafts in Marketches.

If you prefer something more practical, how about a handmade breakfast tray? If your father is one of those who never forgets the most important meal of the day, he is sure to receive this Father's Day gift with great enthusiasm, and every morning when he uses it he will be reminded of how much you love him. You are sure to find something at Pepco that you can use to carry out this idea.

Whatever your final choice of Father's Day craft, the important thing is the effort and love you put into every detail. Make him feel special this Father's Day with something made by you!



Do you still don't know what to give your father for Father's Day 2024? Do you think you always give your father the same thing for Father's Day? Or that what you give him doesn't have any sentimental value for him? As an original gift for Father's Day we suggest that you personalise a garment for him, he will love it for sure! In our Fashion Studio it will be possible, for example, to embroider your father's initials on a shirt. You can also choose the size, font and colour of your choice.

If your father is not a shirt person, you can always embroider his name or a phrase that says a lot and reminds you of him on a T-shirt or jacket, which you can buy for example at El Corte Inglés Outlet.

Also, as a personalised Father's Day gift, you can customise a pair of jeans with patches of something you know he loves, you have many options to choose from!

I'm sure your dad will love the idea of receiving a personalised Father's Day gift and will remember it for the rest of his life!



We have no doubt that the best gift you can give your father is spending quality time together, so we are going to suggest some ideas for Father's Day in the form of plans, which are sure to make him much more excited than something material.

We suggest you start Father's Day with a good breakfast at El Molino, enjoying a delicious coffee and a grilled croissant in good company, which we are sure you will love! Then, to continue enjoying Father's Day 2024, you can take a stroll around the centre.

If your dad's a daredevil, you can spend the morning rock climbing at Climbat, or playing the arcade games at Sould Park. If your dad is not afraid of anything, you can even jump on the trampolines at Sould Park - he's sure to go back to his childhood for a few hours this Father's Day and have a blast!

When it's time to eat, you can take a break and enjoy the 100% Italian food at La Delizzia, where you can enjoy this Father's Day 2024 authentic traditional dishes such as pizza, pasta, and more elaborate dishes such as vitello tonatto, burrata stracciatella, frittata di mare or carpaccio. And to add a sweet touch to Father's Day, we suggest you finish the meal with a delicious pannacotta, a typical Italian dessert.

In addition, La Delizzia offers gluten-free options and both vegetable and vegan dishes, so that everyone can enjoy. Take advantage of the experience and let yourself be surprised, it will surely become your new favourite restaurant!

In the evening, as an idea to continue this 10 Father's Day, we recommend you to go together to watch your favourite film at our Artesiete cinemas, with large seats and reclining backrest, you will enjoy it a lot!

To conclude Father's Day, you can have dinner at Sushi Som, with more than 150 dishes to choose from and where you can share a gastronomic experience that is sure to surprise you.


We hope you have found this Father's Day gift guide useful and that you make this day an unforgettable day, good company is guaranteed!

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