Malo, an important Italian fashion brand, lands in La Torre Outlet Zaragoza being the only sales point in the city. From December 10 until January 10 it will be available for exclusive sale in a pop-up store. A perfect opportunity to stop by and take a closer look at their luxury garments made with cashmere in the cradle of fashion.

This pop-up store will have both women's and men's fashion with the 'made in Italy' label. This distinction is synonymous with high quality handcrafted fashion and luxury designs.


This Italian brand, recognized and acclaimed in multiple points of the world geography, is defined as a timeless fashion brand created to be used, lived and transmitted from generation to generation. Malo mixes timeless style with contemporary and turns it, thanks to its authentic high-quality materials, into refined elegance to be worn at any time.

Precious cashmere and authentic materials that bring with them stories, traditions and inspirations. His creations are distinguished by their excellence, elegance and love of beauty. In Malo, you will find essential garments that will accompany you in every moment of life.

One of the favourite Italian brands of celebrities

The excellence, design and exclusivity of Malo's garments have attracted the attention of celebrities from all over the world. From Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Kim Kardashian, or George Clooney, to Bruno Barbieri, Uma Thurman or Marco Agostino. But they are not the only ones. To this list we can add more artists such as Richard Gere, Federica Paniccuci, Raoul Bova and Martina Arduino. All of them have luxury Malo garments among their clothing collections.

Unique Italian luxury garments

Every Malo garment is made with special attention to detail. His work, which combines technology with craftsmanship, takes eight to sixteen hours for a single piece. In addition, the brand uses the best materials while respecting the natural characteristics that make them so special. All of this process makes each garment unique and special.

All Malo products are manufactured entirely in Italy at the Florence and Piacenza facilities, and Malo fabrics are spun from the finest fibers in the world, hand-selected in Mongolia and woven in Italy.

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