The Spanish Cup for Climbing of Youth and Absolute Difficulty will celebrate its third and last competition this weekend, on October 2 and 3, at the Climbat centre of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. The competition, divided into three tests, is co-organized by Climbat and the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports (FEDME).

Schedules 3rd test Spanish Cup of Climbing of Youth and Absolute Difficulty

Saturday - October 2 / Junior and Senior Semifinals

  • 7 am Delivery of numbers SUB-14 and SUB-16 + Opening of the warm-up zone
  • 8 am Technical Meeting in the warm-up area
  • 8:30 am Flash routes SUB-14 and SUB-16
  • 9 am Start Semifinals
  • 2 pm Delivery of numbers SUB-18, SUB-20 and ABSOLUTA + Opening of the warm-up zone
  • 3 pm Technical meeting
  • 3:30 pm Flash routes SUB-18, SUB-20 and ABSOLUTA
  • 4 pm Start Semifinals

Sunday - October 3 / Youth and Absolute Finals

  • 7 am Opening of isolation zone
  • 8 am Close isolation area
  • 8:30 am Final start
  • 2 pm Awards ceremony

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