We are happy to announce you that La Torre Outlet Zaragoza have launched a Virtual Tour that recreates its facilities and hides exclusive gifts so that you can discover before anyone else all the brands that will have the complex after its opening on October 22nd and win safe prizes.

From September 22 until the opening day, we will update the list of brands through this virtual game, created by the Zaragoza company Imascono, that allows visitors to tour the center as if they were in a videogame.

Discover the fashion outlet like you've never seen it before

A Virtual Tour is normally based on 360-degree photographs, that is, on spherical and interactive panoramic pictures that allow you to move around the image in all directions. These 360º photos capture a location from multiple angles and give you the feeling of being in that place.

However, from La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, we wanted to go even further and we have created a unique Virtual Reality tour, in which everything has a real appearance thanks to the latest technology.

This technology even allows you to recreate the playful spaces of the future, making it possible for you and your friends to meet and take a virtual walk through the fashion outlet without having to be there physically.

The website is the gateway to the Virtual Tour, which can be accessed through any device with internet connectivity. From there, some simple instructions show us how to move around the center to discover its streets and enjoy its architecture.

La Torre Outlet Zaragoza pays homage to the factories of the mid-20th century and preserves some of the most emblematic elements of this era, such as the metal silos (converted into restaurants), a fireplace or the iconic Pikolin Tower.

In addition, since during the next weeks and until October 22, new brands that will occupy our shopping spaces will be discovered, you can visit the Virtual Tour periodically and enjoy a different experience in each access.

The best fashion, sports, leisure and lifestyle brands

Approximately, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza will house 90 brands, distributed by areas (fashion, home, restaurants, leisure); and gradually, we will share with you all the stores that you can enjoy from October 22.

All of them will have discounts of between 30 and 70% throughout the year! In addition, if you are part of our VIP Club, you will have access to exclusive offers and promotions and you will be able to attend unique events such as private sales.

At the moment, the brands that have already been released are:

  • McDonald's
  • The Tagliatella
  • Artesiete
  • Bauhaus
  • Mango outlet
  • Fifty
  • Telephone
  • Ribs
  • Decathlon
  • Espresso
  • MadLab
  • Climbat
  • JYSL
  • Marcketches
  • Foster Hollywood
  • Bite the pasta
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • Lamford
  • Boom Furniture
  • Verdecora
  • 100 montaditos
  • Belros
  • Benetton
  • Guess

Get the gifts

In order to celebrate our inauguration on October 22, we wanted to give you a gift, but to find it and enjoy it you have to look for it in our Virtual Tour, which is hosted on La Torre Outlet Zaragoza website. You can access from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

To play, you just have to find the floating gift, approach it and click on "Get gift". And that's it!

The next step is very simple! Download the App from Google Play or the App Store, enter your details in the VIP Club section and find the Virtual Tour promotion there. To redeem your prize, you must physically go to the stand set up at La Torre Outlet from October 22, show your QR code and they will give you your gift!

Remember that, from now on, you are already part of the VIP Club.


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