Today, a huge part of our lives fits into a mobile phone, from our photos to the Apps we use to be in touch with our environment. It is not surprising, therefore, that a large part of our time is devoted to consulting the content of the RRSS or the blogs that inspire us.

It is from our mobile phones from which we can see the clothes we love, be aware of the news around the world and be part of various communities at the same time. 

And as good fashion lovers that we are, today we bring you a collection of the best applications that you should have installed on your phone. 

1.- 21 Buttons

This trendy social network is used by influencers to earn extra money since it is very easy to earn a small income as an affiliate. In order to do that, you just have to share your looks, label the brand and, with each sale that you achieve, you will get a commission. Besides, it's a great portal to see where all those influencers and celebrities buy their amazing outfits. You want it, you got it.

2.- Pinterest

The perfect combination of everything that inspires you in one place. Play at creating boards, following the latest trends and "rebranding" what you want to have, everything in your profile. You can organize the content by theme and include links and descriptions for each image. A browser extension is also available and it allows you to get pins from any web page.

3.- Photo Measures

Are you a deco lover? If so, this app is made for you. Get ready, because you can save your house’s measurements in order to always have them at hand when you go to a shop. This way, you will never doubt if that chest of drawers is too big for your room.

4.- Netflix

There is not a fashion lover who isn't hooked on series like Emily in Paris. From the creator of Sex and the City, this new series will hook Gossip Girl lovers, who will once again enjoy a protagonist who is passionate about fashion. 

The best? Each of her looks are pure inspiration and in most cases you can adapt them to your style. 

5.- La Torre Outlet Zaragoza

Now, if you are looking for the best offers and discounts from best international fashion and lifestyle brands, the app of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza is your MUST HAVE. Download it in your Android or Iphone and discover, before anyone else, the advantages of being a VIP.

Every Friday we launch new offers so you can enjoy the fashion that you like the most. The best of all? You can use the App's Wishlist to shop all those items you love. This way, you can check day after day if new discounts have been applied to always get the best price. 

You already know that if you visit our outlet you can benefit from up to 70% discount on the best international fashion, lifestyle and sports brands. But if you register in our VIP Club, the benefits are even greater: birthday gifts, invitations to VIP events, private sales and much more!

During the Opening Weeks (from 22 October) you will be able to enjoy your shopping days in a unique space that will allow you to taste the various gastronomy at its food court and to buy quality and style at unbeatable prices in its outlet area. And all this is provided with the latest digital technology that will make your visit an unbeatable experience. 


Moreover, if you are a fan of our social networks, pay attention because you will be able to participate in contests and raffles and win great prizes! Follow the latest trends from the Outlet Zaragoza Tower App.

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