La Torre Outlet Zaragoza dresses in pink against cancer 

On World Breast Cancer Day that will take place on October 19th at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, we want to support this cause by dedicating all our effort and content to the color pink, with the aim of raising awareness and preventing this disease that affects thousands of women every year.

For all this and under the slogan “We wear pink against cancer”, this October at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza will be Pink October.

During this time, the Spanish Association Against Cancer, under the motto “Pink is more than a color”, will be supporting this movement.


Awareness and prevention

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Behind this pink movement there is a lot of research, a lot of support and a lot of awareness. Breast cancer has achieved one of the highest survival rates, exceeding 85%. Behind the color pink there are patients, family members, friends… All with their needs, concerns and experiences. People who face the great social, work and emotional impact caused by this disease. But there is still much to be done. There are still inequalities that affect people with this type of tumor, such as those diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, for example. This type of tumor has a very low survival rate, around 25%, and represents between 5% and 6% of overall breast cancer diagnoses.

In addition, we must continue working on the social and psychological needs for women and men with breast cancer. For this reason, together with AECC, through this initiative, we want to make awareness of this reality and the need to continue promoting resources and research.

Thanks to the pink movement, significant progress has been made in prevention, diagnosis, and treatments. However, it is essential to continue promoting research and raising awareness in society so that this movement is not stopped.

That is why La Torre Outlet Zaragoza is joining this cause to continue giving a voice to all those women.

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