The best plans for Valentine's Day 2023 at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza

You will find the best Valentine's Day plans in Zaragoza at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. Enjoy our shopping centre and celebrate your love in style. Come with your partner, friends, family or even your pet to celebrate Valentine's Day with us. As if it were a great European capital, you can bring your padlock and leave your love forever locked with us. Enjoy our fantastic restaurants, entertainment venues and find the plan that best suits you this Valentine's Day 2023 at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza.

Don't run out of plans with your love and come to celebrate it at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza!


How to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day?

This Valentine's Day surprise your partner with the best plans. You can enjoy a romantic dinner in one of our fantastic restaurants and watch your favourite film as if you were on the sofa at home in the comfortable seats of our Artesiete cinemas.

Take the opportunity to spend an afternoon shopping and surprise your partner with a nice gift that you will find in one of our shops at incredible prices. If you like risk, you can enjoy a day of climbing in Climbat, a different plan with which you will surely spend a special Valentine's Day in La Torre Outlet Zaragoza.


The best plans for Valentine's Day in La Torre Outlet

You will find the best plans for this Valentine's Day at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. Come and leave your love sealed forever in our shopping centre. Bring your padlock, write your initials and take the opportunity to hang it on our "LOVE" decoration. Share your experience on social networks and don't forget to hang a ribbon with a message of love and dedicate it to the person you love most in this world.

Come to our information point and ask for our ribbons to leave your best wishes in writing. They come in all possible colours and you can decorate them with stickers in the shape of hearts, stars and rhinestones and write your message with the wide range of felt-tip pens we have available.

Spend a day shopping with your partner and take the opportunity to celebrate your love in style in our restaurant area. Also, don't miss any of the leisure plans offered by La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, from climbing to a Scape room, which will undoubtedly make you remember this special day.


Restaurants with breakfasts, lunches, dinners for Valentine's Day

Make your reservation for Valentine's Day at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza and enjoy a romantic dinner in one of our restaurants. In the purest Italian style, you can enjoy the exquisite pasta and pizza of La Tagliatella. If you prefer oriental food, your place is Pad Thai Wok with its irresistible noodles or Sushisom if you are a sushi lover. Come for lunch or dinner at our American-style restaurants and enjoy barbecue ribs at Ribs, burgers at Foster's Hollywood and fried chicken at KFC.

If you fancy a good breakfast, don't miss the incredible offers at 100 Montaditos or the great variety of tapas at El Molino and D'Jorge and make your first meal of the day an unforgettable experience.

If self-service dining is more your thing, we also have a space for you. Enjoy McDonald's from your car and get the most affordable menu and enjoy a different plan with friends, family or as a couple.

Don't think twice and celebrate your Valentine's Day dinner, lunch or breakfast at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza!


Fun as a couple

The fun as a couple this Valentine's Day is guaranteed at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. You will find the best leisure plans for couples in our shopping centre. Enjoy a movie as a couple in our Artesiete cinemas, the best in the city. Thanks to their reclining seats and comfort, you will feel as if you were on the sofa at home.

For those couples who like to keep their inner child, Sould Park is the perfect option for you. Feel like a little kid again on their trampolines for adults where fun with your partner is more than guaranteed. 

Our last leisure proposal for Valentine's Day is Mad Lab, a pioneer leisure centre in the world where you can enjoy the best Escape Rooms and even virtual reality video games.

If you're coming with the little ones and you fancy some time alone, they can enjoy themselves at Lego Fan Factory and Juguetilandia or you can enjoy a family activity together at our Mad Lab facilities.


And if you don't want to leave the house?

If you are one of those people who prefer something material for that special person, we recommend you visit our blog on the best Valentine's Day gifts.

You will find the best gifts at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. Take a look at our website and find the perfect gift at the best price.

Still not sure whether to give a gift this Valentine's Day? From La Torre Outlet we make it easy for you.

We'll give you €10 for your Valentine's Day gift. Win a gift card for purchases made between 11 and 18 February. For purchases of €40 or more, get a free gift card worth €10. The ticket will be valid for the entire Outlet and will be valid for 1 month. They can be the sum of several tickets and will be distributed while stocks last.

Pick it up at the Information Point of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza and don't miss out on your gift card!

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