How to remove the 4 most problematic types of stains on clothes

The struggle to remove stains on clothes is a challenge we all face at some point in our lives. From wine stains to make-up stains, each type of stain presents its own challenges and removing them completely can be a frustrating task. We often find ourselves in endless debates about what is the best method to remove these troublesome stains.

Some opt for traditional home remedies, while others rely on the latest stain removal products on the market, each method has its pros and cons. In this post we tell you about the most effective and popular techniques to remove the most stubborn stains: wine, oil, chocolate, make-up and those annoying yellowish stains on white clothes. Join us and discover our most effective tricks!


Find out how to remove wine stains easily and quickly

Red wine is one of the most delicious and popular drinks, but it is also one of the most dreaded when it comes to staining clothes. A simple carelessness can result in a wine stain that seems impossible to remove. However, all is not lost, if you know the right methods you can remove wine stains from your clothes quickly and effectively, restoring your garments to their original appearance.

Here are three quick and effective homemade ways to remove wine stains with ingredients we all have at home:



Milk can be a great ally in the battle against wine stains. How will milk remove a red wine stain? Very easy, you just have to heat the milk in a pan. Once it is hot, put the garment in the container and let it work. Little by little you will see that the stain will be diluted.



This trick is perfect for those cases in which this type of stain surprises you outside your home. You may ask, how can salt remove wine stains? Let me tell you that it's easier than you think, and all we need is this one ingredient.

Put a large amount of salt on the stain and leave it on until you see that the salt can't spread any more. Be careful! Don't leave the salt on for too long because you might get the opposite effect.



But what if you have stained your wine without realising it, and the stain has dried? Don't worry, lemon is the solution. Just pour some lemon juice on the stain or, in case you don't have any, make a mixture of vinegar and water (half and half) and leave it on for a few minutes, and there you have it!


3 foolproof tricks to remove yellow stains from clothes

Yellow stains on clothes can be particularly difficult to deal with, as they tend to be more persistent and less receptive to conventional cleaning methods. These stains can be caused by a variety of factors, such as sweat, deodorant residue... Fortunately, there are foolproof tricks that can help you remove these yellow stains and restore your clothes to their original whiteness.

In this section, we will guide you through the necessary steps to get rid of yellow stains on clothes effectively, using simple and inexpensive products that you can find in any supermarket or convenience store.


Baking soda

One of the simplest methods and with a component that we usually have in our homes, is to remove the yellow stain with baking soda.

To remove yellow stains from clothes, just make a paste-like mixture of baking soda and water and apply it to the stain. After letting it take effect for a few minutes, rub gently (either with a toothbrush or directly with your hands).

Then wash your garment as usual and you will see that the stain has disappeared.


White vinegar

Another effective method we can use to remove yellow stains on white clothes is white vinegar, an ingredient that you probably have at home. Simply mix 3 portions of warm water (same amount) and white vinegar. Then, we immerse the garment in the mixture, leave it to act for 30 minutes, and wash the garment as we usually do.



Finally, if the stain does not go away, we recommend you to use the lemon trick to make the yellow stains disappear completely. To do this, squeeze the juice of a lemon and apply it to the yellow stain. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash the garment as usual. The acid in the lemon not only helps to remove the stains, but also helps to whiten the fabric.


Remove oil stains in 5 easy steps

Oil stains are another common problem that can quickly ruin the appearance of your favourite garments. Whether it's cooking splatters while cooking dinner or an oil stain on the way to work, these stains can be difficult to remove if not treated properly.

Fortunately, with the right steps, it is possible to remove these oil stains quickly and effectively, restoring your garments to their original condition. In this part of the article, we will show you a step-by-step method to remove them from your clothes, using simple household products and proven cleaning techniques.

To remove oil stains, we will use baking soda. Before we start, I would like to give you some advice. First, we must remove the excess oil from our garment with a cloth or paper.

Steps to get rid of oil stains:

1. Cover the stain well with baking soda 2.

2. Press the product a little on the stain with a spoon so that it absorbs the oil. Leave it to act for a few minutes.

3. After waiting 2 minutes, add a little detergent and water over the baking soda and rub gently with a brush or your own hands over the stain until it foams. Don't forget to rub in a circular motion.

4. To finish, wash the garment as you usually do.


How to remove make-up stains from your clothes, quick and effective solutions

Makeup is an essential part of many people's daily routine, but it can be problematic when it accidentally stains clothing. From foundation stains on shirt collars to lipstick stains on shirt collars, each type of makeup presents its own unique challenges when it comes to stain removal.

With these tips at your disposal on how to remove makeup stains from clothes, you'll be able to keep your clothes flawless and always looking your best, no matter how difficult your makeup presents you with.

Normally, stains usually come out in the washing machine, but if you're having trouble with them, here are some quick and effective solutions to make makeup stains disappear completely.


Make-up remover

Although it may seem obvious, we don't usually resort to this solution. It's one of the easiest ways to remove make-up stains when you're out from home. You'll need to dab on the makeup remover - no rubbing, which will only cause the stain to spread. You can find the make-up remover in our Primor shop in La Torre Outlet.


Degreasing soap

Another solution to remove make-up stains is to use degreasing soap (dishwashing soap with an anti-grease effect). Pour several drops of this soap on the stain and leave it to act for about 15 minutes. After this time, rub in a circular motion with a cloth, and then absorb the stain with kitchen paper. Then wash the garment as you usually wash it. You can find this product and more for cleaning clothes in our Pepco shop.


Baking soda

Finally, to get rid of these stains, we will use our greatest ally, baking soda. You should prepare a mixture of baking soda and water and let the mixture sit on the stain.

After leaving it for several hours, wash your garment as you normally do and... it will be as good as new!


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