5 Trends for Autumn-Winter 2023/24


We all love to hear about what's coming up next, you may not even like the type of clothes that are going to be worn at first, but, once they become fashionable, little by little you like them until the initial "I'm not convinced" turns into "I want it!"

Fashion this autumn-winter 2023 is loaded with trends, some of them we could see coming, like tweed jackets, oversize suits, preppy style, metallic trousers and shoes like ballerinas.

Join us in this post and discover the 5 trends we have fallen in love with for this autumn-winter 2023/24.


Tweed fabric: star fabric this autumn-winter 2023 season

Among the trends for this autumn-winter 2023 is the tweed fabric.

Introduced by Chanel in the 1930s, tweed is a warm and hard-wearing wool. Tweed is a warm fabric, much warmer than it looks at first glance, making it ideal for autumn and even winter if we know how to wear it.

It is a wonderful insulator because it is thick and even though it has been on the market for many years, brands have always known how to give it a modern touch to continue wearing it nowadays.

You can choose any tweed garment, whether it's shorts, a top... we're going to give you tweed jacket ideas so you can wear it even in the middle of winter.


The best tweed jackets for her

Nowadays, thanks to social networks, we can detect much faster the clothes we like according to our style, using these networks as a source of inspiration.

If you are a fan of tweed fabric, or you want to be on the latest autumn-winter trends, don't worry, we give you the best options of jackets so you can choose the style that best suits you.

You can always play it safe with an American style tweed jacket, with a very recognizable pattern, and we are all fans of blazers, they are elegant, classic, very easy to combine with which to protect you from the cold and go to the last.

The classic Chanel style tweed jacket is short and classic, you can wear it with high rise jeans if you want to wear it in a more casual way.

Do you like prints to add something to break up the rest of the look? No problem, there are also tweed jackets with a variety of prints, breaking away from the classic houndstooth or check pattern so typical of traditional tweed jackets.

If you prefer a classic pattern, but want something different, you can try a tweed jacket in a colour that breaks with the norm, such as pink or red. Or a jacket made of this material with flashy buttons: gold, pearl buttons... You have a thousand options!

Finally, one of the best options to break with the look and keep up with the latest trends this autumn-winter is the frayed tweed jacket, with a more casual style while maintaining a relatively classic line.

You can find tweed jackets in shops like Mango and All We Wear.


Oversize suits

Another autumn-winter 2023 trend is oversize suits for both men and women.

Oversize suits are your best option for those days when you don't feel inspired and you need something to feel comfortable and smart at the same time. Is there anything more comfortable and stylish than an oversize suit? The answer is clear, NO. It is the perfect combination of comfort and elegance.

And the best thing is that you'll be ready in no time, that's the great thing about total looks.


This season, oversize suits for men and also for women

Undoubtedly, oversize suits are a fashion trend for autumn winter 2023 is something that benefits us all, as they are as elegant as they are comfortable.

For us, the best thing about these suits is precisely that, the comfort they bring to your day to day. They are ideal for those busy days when there is a lot to do but we don't want to neglect our appearance.

If you are one of those who have a large collection of accessories, you will love oversize suits. They are very grateful with all kinds of accessories, no matter their size or material. That's why we recommend, to give it a personal touch, to combine it with your favourite accessories, everything is allowed!

You can find the best oversize suits for both men and women at Mango Outlet and Benetton.


Modernised preppy style

One of the trends for this autumn-winter 2023 is the preppy style, structured garments in pastel colours with checks or embroidery. Ideal to combine with a pair of ballerinas.

Don't you know exactly what preppy style is? It is a very specific style, informally known as "school uniform" style, it is, as we said, a style that mixes plaid skirts or dungarees with knitwear, shirts, jumpers... In short, the preppy style is a formal style, but youthful, that this autumn 2023 is going to look more than ever.

For the cold winter, it is ideal to combine these garments with a trench coat or a checked knitted coat so as not to break with the style we are trying to convey.

You can't forget the "old school" style jackets either, as they are a benchmark.


Preppy style clothes brands at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza

If what you want is to buy preppy style clothes at the best possible price... your shopping place is La Torre Outlet Zaragoza.

In our wide range of shops you will find everything you are looking for.

In our shops and outlets All We Wear, Fifty, Mango and El Corte Inglés Outlet you can find preppy style clothes and everything you need to combine them.


Metallic trousers

As we have recently seen in fashion shows, metallic trousers are going to be in fashion this autumn-winter 2023.

Metallic trousers are an eye-catcher on their own and need to be paired with basics to avoid overshadowing them. These trousers are usually available in gold, silver, metallic blue, green... At La Torre Outlet you can find a great variety, so you will be able to find those ideal metallic trousers that fit your style.

We recommend combining them with top garments in neutral colours, such as white, grey, brown or black, as metallic trousers are a garment that stands out a lot, so we can give all the visual weight to this incredible garment.

If you dare with this type of trousers we guarantee that your look will draw attention, and is that an outfit where the central garment is the metallic trousers will make you stand out for a price more than adjusted. What more can we ask for?


Metallic trousers for all tastes

Metallic trousers are not a great novelty for this autumn-winter 2023 season, but we are definitely going to see them a lot more from now on, in new tones and patterns.

It's a bit of a "special" item, as it's a bold piece that might not suit everyone's style. But if you like fun outfits and you know how to make the most of them, this is the perfect garment for you.

We have seen many celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Kaia Gerber or Charlize Theron wearing metallic trousers in different colours over the last few years in different ways, and if they stand out for anything, it is precisely for standing out and drawing attention from the crowd.

In La Torre Outlet Zaragoza you can find metallic trousers in shops like Salsa Jeans or Desigual.


Ballerinas as a trend... even in winter!

That's right, as we've already seen, ballerinas are back with a bang!

We know that wearing bare feet in cold weather might not be the best idea, but don't worry, you don't have to suffer to look good!

Our advice is that, if you want to wear this trend without dying in the attempt, you can combine them in autumn with socks in a fun colour, or transparent if you prefer a more classic look. In winter you can pair your ballerinas with long trousers and socks or with a dress or skirt and a pair of chunky tights.


Find your perfect ballet flats at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza

If you are looking for ballerinas to combine with your looks this autumn-winter, from all our shoe shops, we recommend the most comfortable and classic ballerinas from Calza2& Co, Merkal and Rockport.

If you prefer more sporty, combinable and perfect for your day-to-day, Clarks and Skechers have models that, as well as being beautiful, are practical and comfortable.

Don't wait any longer!  Come to La Torre Outlet Zaragoza and find all these products that are going to be trendy and wear them before anyone else.

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