If you like trends and great discounts when you buy clothes for your collection, you must have surely heard about our VIP Club and all the benefits of being part of it. But if you still don't know what it is or you are not completely sure about joining, keep reading and discover all the advantages we offer. 

1.- Discounts and exclusive offers for members

Everybody likes to catch the best offers and enjoy exclusive fashion and lifestyle promotions. For that reason, we want to reward your loyalty and offer you extra discounts so you can save even more in your shopping days.

All you have to do is become a member of our VIP Club, pay attention to our communications and plan your next visit to our centre! 

2.- The best offers of the week

Every Friday we announce the new offers of the week: 10% extra on your purchases, top brands with big discounts... Pay attention, because only the fastest ones will be able to fill their bags with the best offers!

Do you want a trick? Save the items you like the most in your App's Wishlist and check every week if they have new discounts.

3.- Exclusive invitations for events

If you want to be like a star and come to our exclusive events with celebrities, influencers and well-known people from the fashion world, don't hesitate! 

Access the VIP Club, save the date in your calendar and attend the best events to enjoy glamour days, shopping events and a lot of surprises.

4.- The latest news from our shops

Every time that a new shop will arrive in La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, you will be the first to know about it. We will also keep you informed of all the news related to our brands: discounts, promotions, campaigns, offers, new collections... Don't miss out on the news!

5.- VIP Sales

Can you imagine being able to access exclusive sales and acquire your favourite products at an unimaginable price? Now it's possible with our VIP Sales, only for members!

VIP Sales just happen twice a year, so you have to be aware to catch the best trends. You will receive a notification when the date is near, so you can prepare your Wishlist with all the items you are interested in buying. Take advantage of the VIP Sales because they are a unique opportunity!

6.- Exclusive contents for members

You are a VIP member of our outlet and therefore we want to offer you the best content directly in your email. You’ll be able to enjoy interviews with influencers and articles with the best trends.

7.- Birthday gifts

Is it your birthday? Well, we have a present for you! We want to celebrate this special date so we’ll prepare a surprise for you.

You only have to make sure that you have a complete profile within the VIP Club and we will take care of the rest.

8.- Wishlist

We know you're a trendsetter, you love inspiration and you keep all the posts you like on your phone. But why not saving all of them in the Wishlist section of our App?

Now you can browse the sections of each brand, choose the products you like, look for the clothes you need to complete your outfits and save everything in your Wishlist.

This way, you'll have everything at hand when you visit our centre and you'll be able to quickly find that jacket you liked so much.


These are some of the benefits that we have prepared for you for being a member of the VIP Club, so if you want to access the new advantages that we launch exclusively for members, register now from here!

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