Welcome to Torre Talent! An exciting talent show that will take place at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. If you have a special talent and you live in Spain, this is your chance to shine in this talent show. Here are all the details so that you can participate and stand out in this incredible event.
The call for Torre Talent will start next Monday 20th May through our social networks. Registrations can be made through our official website www.torretalent.com.


In order to participate in the talent show, applicants must meet the following requirements:
- Residence in Spain.
- Be of legal age or have permission from their parents or legal guardians.
- Accept the terms and conditions of the competition.

How to participate

To participate in Torre Talent, follow these steps:
1. Accept the terms and conditions of the competition: This step is essential to ensure that all participants agree with the rules of the event.
2. Visit www.torretalent.com and complete the registration form.
3. Submit your videos:
- Introductory video: A video introducing yourself.
- Video of your performance: A video showcasing your talent.
- Each video must be no longer than 1 minute, 1080x1920 pixels, vertical (similar to an Instagram or TikTok reel), and no larger than 4GB.
4. Send both videos by email to info@torretalent.com.
5. Fill in, sign and send Annex 1 of this document to info@torretalent.com. All performers appearing in the video must comply with the requirements and complete the attachment.

Mechanics of the competition

The talent contest will take place in several stages:
1. Registration and submission of videos: from 15 May 2024 until 30 June 2024.
2. Selection of semi-finalists: 20 candidates per semi-final will be selected and will become contestants.
3. Semi-final Gala:
- 7 September 2024, from 5.30pm to 9.30pm.
- 14 September 2024, from 5.30pm to 9.30pm.
- The performance in each gala will take place in the La Torre Outlet shopping centre in Zaragoza and cannot last more than 3 minutes.
4. Grand Final Gala:
- 21 September 2024, from 17:30 to 21:30 h.
- The finalists will be selected by a jury and also announced on our social networks.


There will be three categories of prizes:
- General category winner: €500 Gift Card.
- Winner children's category (up to 14 years old): Gift Card of 300€ + set of games/toys.
- Special prize for the public: €250 Gift Card.
The prizes will be awarded during the Grand Final Gala on 21 September 2024.

Dates to take into account:

-  Receipt of videos: 15 May 2024 to 30 June 2024.
- Live Semi-Final Gala: 7 September 2024 and 14 September 2024, from 17:30 to 21:30.
- Live Grand Final Gala: 21 September 2024, from 5.30pm to 9.30pm.
We will be broadcasting the talent show both on our website www.latorreoutletzaragoza.com and on our Youtube channel so you won't miss any of the performances!
Don't miss the opportunity to show your talent and be part of Torre Talent! Sign up and submit your videos for a chance to win fabulous prizes and be recognised for your talent at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. We are waiting for you!

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