TU ERES FASHION - Solidarity action


"Tu eres Fashion" is the name of our Christmas collaboration with Fundación Down.

What does this collaboration consist of? The boys and girls of the foundation will be models in the social networks of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza for two weeks during the month of December.

How can I participate? So that everyone who wants to can collaborate with this initiative, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, together with 49 Millions and Fundación Down, has created a limited edition bottle of frizzante rosé that can be purchased by making a donation of €5 to the Foundation.

This donation can be made from now on and throughout Christmas at La Fábrica de Sueños at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza (local 49, opposite El Corte Inglés Outlet).

For €5, which will be donated in its entirety to the Down Foundation, La Torre Outlet will give all collaborators a special edition bottle that allows them to both support a good cause and enjoy this fruity rosé with their loved ones.

¿What are you waiting for, Torrelover?

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