Outlets have been a real revolution in the retail sector in recent years. In fact, in Spain, they have started to gain popularity thanks to their innovative shopping concept that offers the customer the possibility of purchasing the products of international fashion and sports brands at lower prices.

What is an outlet?

An outlet is a commercial space specialized in the sale of products from the latest seasons or surplus production at prices lower than usual, at least 30%.

The concept moves away from that of the usual shopping centers, since a new shopping experience that allows you to get high-quality products from leading brands in the market with the best discounts is created.

Previously, we used to have fashion collections for the four seasons, today we see at least two collections per season. Due to the large number of collections, brands are no longer selling their goods decentralized in the retail stores, but centrally in their own outlet stores, where all products are sold with a discount to the original high street price of at least 30 %. You no longer have to wait for sales to find quality brands at very affordable prices.

In addition to the shopping opportunities, the outlets have become spaces that revitalize tourism and generate wealth in their surroundings: they are energizers of the region's economy. 

Differences between outlet and shopping center

Sometimes, an outlet is thought to be the same as a shopping center. However, as you have been able to read, although both offer similar services, its commercial concept is different.

Understanding the particularities of each of them will help users to make better purchasing decisions.

First of all, prices are the main difference. Outlets turn fashion and the latest trends into something affordable for everyone, which represents significant savings for the domestic economy in many cases.

While in stores and shopping centers the price is usually the same, except for times such as sales, in outlets there are discounts throughout the year. Further, new promotions and offers are added on special dates such as on Black Friday. 

Another difference between them is the offer. Traditionally, outlets used to sell only one brand, while you could find several stores in the same space at shopping centers.

Nowadays, more and more outlets like La Torre Outlet Zaragoza house a wide variety of brands and leisure and entertainment establishments to offer customers a complete shopping experience without leaving their facilities.

On the other hand, both complexes have a similarity that must be highlighted: consumer rights are the same both in outlets and in stores and shopping centers. In all of them, you can buy with complete confidence.

Outlets history

The first outlets appeared for the first time in the United States in the 1930s and they were usually found next to factories, generally on the outskirts of urban centers.

These outlets sold what they had produced in excess or the products that had some defect or imperfection at very low prices. In this way, by not having to face shipping or management costs, brands could lower their expenses. In addition, these products also used to be sold in large quantities, as their main objective was to the stock.

Today, we can still find and take advantage of these types of outlets in some sectors. However, the sale of products with defects in these types of centers is not happening anymore since you can find the same or better quality in outlets than in other stores.

Luckily, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza brings all the advantages of outlets to Aragon and locates the best brands at incredible prices in the same space.

La Torre Outlet Zaragoza

La Torre Outlet arrives in Zaragoza with 70 fashion, sports, restaurant, leisure and lifestyle brands and with discounts of 30 to 70% throughout the year! Savings and quality go hand in hand to offer the best possible shopping experience.

In addition, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza has the latest technological advances in retail to offer a fully integrated digital experience, both inside and outside the facilities, thanks to its App.

Not only can you find the best discounts, but also a wide variety of leisure and restaurant options. Users can enjoy the best restaurants and live unforgettable moments in their climbing area, in their cinemas or with virtual reality games.

What are you waiting for? Come visit us and see first-hand what it is to buy at an outlet. We look forward to meeting you.

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