Artesiete: your cinema in La Torre Outlet Zaragoza.

The ARTESIETE Cinemas in La Torre Outlet Zaragoza are equipped with 8 theaters that incorporate the highest technology in the sector. 360º immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound system, a new and powerful auditory experience. State-of-the-art 4K laser projectors and high-resolution and large screens for a perfect perspective, visibility, definition and luminosity, with which to enjoy every detail and visual effect. Individual seats of maximum comfort upholstered in vinyl leather, of large dimensions and with an automatic mechanism that allows to adjust the backrest and footrest at the spectator's will. All this to offer an extreme experience of living the cinema.
Do not hesitate and come to La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, spend an afternoon shopping in our wide range of stores and finish your evening watching your favorite movie in one of the cinemas Artesiete in Zaragoza.

Artesiete in Zaragoza.

Artesiete in Zaragoza offers impressive clarity, richness, detail and depth of sound. Its realistic nuances give each sound its own unique characteristics; big or small, loud or almost inaudible, focused or diffuse, to faithfully reproduce the sound experience of the real world.
This system that inaugurates Artesiete Alfares cinemas significantly improves the viewer's experience in theaters that have, among other innovations, resonating seats, special seats that vibrate with the special effects of the movies so that going to the movies on the big screen is more than a form of entertainment.

Artesiete Zaragoza movie billboard.

In the Artesiete cinemas located in La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, you will find a great billboard of movies that you can enjoy with your friends and family.
There are movies of all genres and for all tastes. Action, adventure, science fiction, comedy, fiction, drama and many more.
As it could not be otherwise, you can book your seat online and choose the popcorn menu you like.
Another of the advantages offered by this movie theater company is to get a loyalty card and with it you can access special prices, direct discounts on your tickets and accumulation of points redeemable for tickets and products from the bar.
In case you still haven't decided which movie you are going to see, we leave you the link to their billboard here.

Benefits of going to the movies.

Here are some of the benefits of going to the movies and why you should visit Artesiete in Zaragoza.
First of all, we will talk about the most important one, entertainment. Because there is nothing better than spending a nice time with your friends and family and disconnect from the rest of the world. To feel in your own flesh the fear, the drama, the laughter,...
Films that raise points of view about historical events, open our minds and make you rethink how you would react to similar events.
Past events that have shaped the world as we know it will help you understand human nature and help you realize your own strength and courage to live a fulfilling existence.
Movies are a source of motivation, in them you can see characters overcoming challenges and all kinds of difficulties to achieve a goal.
There are frequent productions that show people whose willpower overcomes obstacles such as physical handicaps, illness, social injustice, racism or any other barrier.
This makes you reflect on your own life and about all the potential that is in every human being, which makes you capable of overcoming any adversity.
For this reason and for many more, cinema is almost necessary in our lives. Do not hesitate and come to enjoy a good movie at Artesiete Cinemas in La Torre Outlet in Zaragoza.


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