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Calza2&Co is an Aragonese multi-brand establishment where you will find leather footwear, fashion and accessories from brands such as Altus, Kelme, Callaghan, Laura Vita and many more.

Are you a fan of buying shoes at a good price? Heels, boots, sneakers, sandals... The best thing about a footwear outlet is being able to choose between different brands and models at an unbeatable price.

We are waiting for you at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza!



Do you like to dress well but be comfortable at the same time? We have the perfect solution for you. Calza2&Co offers you a wide variety of quality brands such as Callaghan, its shoes for men and women made in Spain, they are perfect if you are looking for an organized or casual look.

In addition to standing out for their incredible, casual and elegant designs, Callahan footwear has a series of patented technologies that provide maximum comfort for your daily life:

Adaptaction technology. Thanks to this technology implemented in the sole that provides flexibility, cushioning and comfort.

Shock Absorption System, which provides incredible shock absorption. Thanks to this you will be able to walk for longer without noticing fatigue.

Water Adaptation System, protects your feet from humidity while facilitating ventilation.

Sustainable footwear. In addition to their excellent combination of comfort and style, Callaghan men's shoes stand out for taking care of the environment, since the brand uses eco-friendly materials, managing to reduce the brand's environmental impact.



Kelme brand is a Spanish brand that was born in 1963. In 1992, it was the supplier for the Spanish Olympic Team and is primarily focused on sports footwear. In our Calza2 store, you can find soccer, tennis, running, or basketball sneakers.

If you are looking for sports footwear, whether it is for playing these sports or if you are seeking comfortable and stylish everyday footwear, Kelme sneakers are your best choice.

Kelme sneakers stand out for their quality and craftsmanship:

  • Functional design: each model of Kelme sneakers considers all the factors that affect your sport, which is why they feature various technologies that enhance performance: traction systems, cushioning, stability, or support, so you can give your best in every game.
  • Comfort: both the Kelme sneaker models designed for specific sports and the rest of the sports footwear feature additional padding in key areas, such as the heel or tongue, to maximize comfort and prevent friction and discomfort.
  • Technological innovations: Kelme sneakers are at the forefront of sports footwear. With each generation of footwear, Kelme updates its models with the latest technology to help improve your performance and comfort.

Are you a passionate futsal player? Then you cannot miss their legendary futsal sneakers, with outstanding traction on indoor courts, and materials and technology that enhance ball control, as well as precision in every pass or shot.



Altus is a Spanish brand specializing in outdoor equipment and footwear for outdoor activities and mountain sports, known for its incredible mountain boots. Altus was founded in 1948 and today enjoys great national and international recognition.

Among its wide range of specialized footwear, the following stand out:

  • Mountain boots: Altus has gained great fame thanks to its mountain boots: rugged, comfortable, and durable. In addition, Altus Mountain boots are designed to ensure maximum protection, grip, and stability on all types of terrain thanks to their non-slip soles.
  • Trekking shoes: Altus trekking shoes combine comfort and traction, and they also feature grippy soles, making them your best choice for long walks or hiking sessions on varied terrain.

In addition to offering a wide range of trekking shoes and mountain boots, Altus has a diverse range of footwear, including sports sandals, snow boots, climbing boots, and specific footwear for mountaineering.



The Laura Vita shoe brand was created in 2004 in northern France, and with its unique, colorful, and bohemian design, they have managed to carve out a place among the best designer footwear brands for women.

Laura Vita shoes are known for their incredible combinations of vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and great attention to artisanal detail. Among their wide range of designer footwear, we recommend their sandals, ballet flats, high-heeled shoes, and ankle boots, all featuring floral and bohemian designs that are full of color!

If you are looking for a different, cheerful, and colorful look, Laura Vita shoes are your best choice, available at the Calza2 Outlet.



Titanitos is a renowned Spanish brand in the children's footwear sector. It is a brand with a long history that manufactures children's footwear known for its quality, comfort, and cheerful and colorful child-friendly designs.

Furthermore, their range of children's footwear covers all ages: from babies to sports shoes for school or formal shoes for weekends. In the Titanitos section at Calza2, you can find children's footwear that suits every occasion.

Despite being children's footwear, they incorporate several practical technologies:

  • Easy-to-clean materials: The materials used to make Titanitos shoes and sneakers are easily washable and quick-drying, so stains will not be a hindrance to having a good time.
  • Bioelastic Technology: This ensures that the footwear is very soft and adapts perfectly to their feet for total comfort and activity.
  • Stabilizer Technology: Designed to promote proper foot development from birth. It facilitates crawling and those first steps.

Titanitos also offers a sustainable line of footwear, eco-friendly children's footwear to care for the environment.



Alce Shoes is a footwear brand that manufactures in Spain using high-quality materials. They offer unique designs for everyday wear.

All their products are crafted with the highest quality and breathability materials and are carefully made following traditional craftsmanship techniques.

In addition to quality and comfort, Alce Shoes strives to minimize its environmental impact. That is why they have a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach, using eco-friendly materials.

Find their best products at an unbeatable price at Calza2.



Partelas shoes are versatile, urban, and comfortable. They are made in Spain and offer both men's and women's models.

It is a designer footwear crafted with natural fabrics and breathable, anatomical insoles that ensure the highest comfort for your everyday life.

Partelas is a boutique brand, which means that all their products are manufactured in very limited quantities. If you want to stay up-to-date with footwear fashion, we recommend you visit our Calza2 center, where you can find the best models from the Spanish brand at an unbeatable price.



Maytica is based on an ethical concept, with a fair price. They offer eco-friendly footwear and provide all kinds of products for men, women, and children.

Are you one of those people who feel comfortable in daily heels or wedges? Or do you prefer sneakers or ankle boots? Or perhaps some sandals for hot days?


Come to Calza2, at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, and enjoy all our offers on footwear for him, for her, and for the little ones in the family!

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