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Find your sport and all the equipment you need at Decathlon. We have the sports equipment you need, adapted to your needs. If you are a running or football lover, if you need equipment for the mountains or if you simply want comfortable clothes for your day to day life, for men, women and children, everything you need is at Decathlon. 

Decathlon new products for women

The perfect mix of fashion and entertainment for women is at our Decathlon shop in La Torre Outlet. Find sportswear, footwear and accessories for any sport, indoors or outdoors. 

If you are someone who doesn't train that often, you will also find what you need so that every time you do sport you feel comfortable and want to repeat the experience.
Take inspiration from your favourite influencers and your favourite sports influencers and create personalised outfits thanks to the wide range of clothing, footwear, accessories and sports accessories.

Discover the Decathlon shop in Zaragoza and find a variety of sportswear from our own production and from some of the leading brands in the market such as Adidas and Reebok.

Come and visit us at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza!

The latest in Decathlon jackets for women

If you are passionate about sports at any time of the year, be it winter or summer, Decathlon jackets for women should be a must-have in your wardrobe.
Protect yourself from the cold winter with our Decathlon coats for women. In addition, you can find mountain and trekking down jackets, a wide range of parkas and fleeces.

If you're looking for the perfect outfit for a weekend of skiing, Decathlon has everything you need: waterproof trousers, snow boots and a snow jacket would be perfect to enjoy the day.

Must-have Decathlon trousers for women

At Decathlon you will find a wide range of women's trousers to enjoy your favourite sport. In our shop we have breathable trousers that wick away sweat better or if you're looking for comfort, you can opt for wide jogger-style trousers in grey tones. Get yourself a pair of Decathlon women's leggings and make your workouts a unique experience.

And for the winter season, get some thermal trousers that are both warm and breathable.

Dectahlon women's shoes for the latest trends

Don't miss out on the latest trends thanks to Decathlon women's trainers. A pair of trendy sneakers should be an essential wardrobe essential as they will give a trendy touch to your looks.

Decathlon women's trainers can be combined with any type of garment such as jeans, joggers, leggings and even dresses. You can combine Adidas trainers with jeans and a cotton t-shirt. A comfortable and perfect look for the day to day.

Create comfortable and urban outfits with white platform trainers, the influencers' favourite, and don't miss out on the best women's trainers at Decathlon.

Decathlon new products for men

At Decathlon you'll find the latest men's sportswear from jackets, trousers, sportswear and tracksuits. Plus, don't miss out on Decathlon footwear for men with a great selection ranging from hiking boots, snow boots, running shoes, paddle shoes and any sport you can think of.

In our Decathlon shop in La Torre Outlet you can find in addition to the best sportswear, accessories such as hats, gloves or socks perfect for the practice of any sport, or to complete a sporty and casual look.

The best Decathlon jackets for men

Decathlon men's jackets are an essential item in your wardrobe. As well as being perfect for sports in the colder months, they can be very useful in your day-to-day life.

If you are looking for a jacket for the whole year, one of those garments that you should always wear in case it cools down, you will also find them at Decathlon. Lightweight jackets make for a fine and practical mid-season garment, and are available in a wide range of colours.

Men's jackets with a more sporty cut are very useful for our everyday life as they are versatile and comfortable and allow us to practice any type of sport, whether it is running, cycling, hiking or even sailing. 

To face the cold winter, there is nothing better than a Decathlon coat, with a more sporty or casual cut, you can complement it underneath with a sweatshirt or fleece to be perfectly warm.

Whatever the season, at Decathlon we always have a jacket to suit you.

Discover Decathlon trousers for men

At Decathlon you will find more than 300 models and colours of trousers for men. So we are absolutely sure that there will be one to suit your needs, whatever sport you do, or whether you want them for everyday wear.

If you're looking for comfort, a pair of Decathlon sweatpants will ensure lightness and softness. Try the Puma joggers or the striped tracksuit bottoms from Adidas. You can find the latest from the three stripes brand at the best price in our Adidas Outlet
For the mountaineers, check out our selection of men's trekking trousers in various colours.

Decathlon boots and shoes for men

Trainers have become a basic for any outfit. Give them a more sporty touch with a pair of running shoes that you can wear for running or that you can also wear in your day-to-day life. At the Decathlon shop in La Torre Outlet you can find the widest variety of running shoes for all kinds of sports, and also for everyday wear.

Men's white trainers are a classic that never goes out of fashion and at Decathlon you will find the one that best suits you. If you're the opposite, and you like flashy trainers, take a look at our colourful trainers.

For runners, we have the best men's running shoes with the best cushioning to help you achieve your best goals. 

As for mountain profiles, you can't miss a good pair of mountain and trekking boots from Quechua, which are waterproof and perfect to start your journey. In addition, you can complement your outfit with the best products in the Izas outlet, our commitment to mountain clothing.

Don't think twice and come to Decathlon at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza!


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