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Japon Market has just landed at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. Its vending machines, dedicated exclusively to Asian food products, among which it is worth highlighting those of Japanese origin, are a great option for those looking for something to eat or even to drink outside the business hours of shops and restaurants.

The main objective of Japon Market is to bring Japanese life closer so that our customers enjoy this wonderful world to the fullest. Here, you will be able to find a wide variety of products processed with the best care and directly exported from Japan, such as drinks, Japanese sweets, snacks, instant ramen and much more.

Additionally, these vending machines sometimes have special themes or even promotions, such as anime drinks or collaborations with popular brands. Find Japanese food and drinks, themed around your children’s favorite series, at an unbeatable price!



If you are a fan of mochis, you should try authentic Japanese ones. In our 24-hour Japon Market vending machines, you can find this delicious traditional Japanese delicacy that has been gradually gaining popularity worldwide due to its unique flavor and pleasant texture.

For those who may not know what we are talking about, mochis are small glutinous rice cakes known for their soft and elastic texture. At Japon Market, you will find mochis in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from classics like chocolate, strawberry, or raspberry to mochis with the most unique and creative flavors you can image, such as peanut, mango or kiwi.

Try them in our vending machines at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza and let yourself be amazed by Japan’s most typical dessert.



Among all the products offered, authentic Japanese beverages also stand out. In general, Japon Market offers a wide range of beverages ranging from the traditional to the most innovate. This allows our customers to explore and enjoy the diverse array of flavors and beverage options that Japanese culture offers.

Among the most typical Japanese beverages, it is worth mentioning:

  • Japanese beer is known for its high quality, its soft and refined taste, as well as its ability to blend Western brewing tradition with the flavors and meticulous attention to detail characteristic of Japanese culture. We offer the three main Japanese beer brands: Sapporo, Asahi and Kirin. In our Japon Market vending machines, besides purchasing these Japanese beers individually, you can also do so through a 100% Japanese beer pack. This pack contains two cans of Japanese beer with different flavors, randomly selected, adding an element of excitement to your beer experience.


  • Japanese coffee is characterized by its soft taste, elegant presentation and meticulous preparation techniques. At Japon Market, you will find Japanese coffee in canned or bottled formats, offering a diverse range of ready-to-enjoy beverages with a wide variety of flavors and sweetness levels, making it easy for our customers to choose their preferences.


  • Are you a fan of energy drinks? At Japan Market, we have Japanese versions of the well-known brand Monster Energy. These energy drinks contain ingredients that help improve concentration, physical endurance, and mental agility, making them a popular choice among athletes and people with active lifestyles.


  • Discover authentic Japanese bottled tea at Japon Market 24 hours to enjoy anytime, anywhere. There are different tea varieties, with green tea being a standout. It is characterized by its smooth and refreshing taste, with a unique balance of sweetness and bitterness and a fresh aroma. Additionally, Japanese tea is associated with health benefits due to its natural antioxidants and beneficial compounds for the body.



Ramune is a Japanese soda known for its refreshing taste, which has become an icon of Japanese beverage culture. The most distinctive feature of ramune is the design of its glass bottle, sealed with a glass marble in the bottle’s neck that serves as a cap and must be pushed down to release the drink.

This Japanese beverage is available in a wide range of flavors that combine the sweetness and acidity of citrus with a gentle and refreshing effervescence. At Japon Market, you can find ramune in different flavors such as strawberry, melon, orange, pineapple, mango, pear, blueberry or matcha.

At Japon Market 24 hours, you will have the opportunity to taste ramune and have a unique experience that you will not want to miss for anything in the world, without the need to travel all the way to Japan.



At Japon Market, you will find absolutely irresistible Japanese snacks. You will have access to a wide range of options, from classic flavored potato chips and cookies to unexpected choices like mayonnaise or shrimp snacks, perfect for the most adventurous taste buds.

The Japanese sweets offered by Japon Market encompass a wide range of products that you cannot afford to miss. From the most iconic ones like chocolate, gummy candies, caramels and chewing gum, to the most traditional ones. Explore different flavors and types of sweets from popular brands like Oreo and KitKat in our 24-hour Japon Market vending machines.

Japanese sweets, snacks, beverages, and, of course, authentic instant Japanese ramen! Ramen is probably the most well-known Japanese dish worldwide. It consists of a bowl of wheat noodles prepared in a highly aromatic broth and accompanied by various toppings that add all the flavor to this characteristic dish of Japanese cuisine.

The Japanese instant ramen you will find in our Japon Market machines stands out for its authentic, delicious and healthy taste, high-quality ingredients and the additional advantage of being gluten-free, allowing everyone to enjoy it. The absence of gluten does not compromise the quality and authenticity of the taste, as all ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure an exceptional culinary experience. Its preparation is simple and quick. Just boil water, add the noodles and seasoning, wait a few minutes, and you are ready to enjoy the best instant ramen!

Would you like to accompany your instant ramen with a second dish full of oriental flavor? In our Japan Market vending machines, you can also find Japanese sauces and spices, perfect for complementing any of our Japanese noodles and adding a personal touch or transforming any dish into a Japanese one. There is a wide variety of flavors and products that you are sure to love. Additionally, we offer spicy Japanese sauces for the more daring palates.


Experience all the Japanese culinary culture has to offer and come visit our 24-hour Japon Market vending machines at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. We look forward to seeing you!



Japon Market

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