KFC is the fried chicken brand created in 1939 by Colonel Sanders. Daily life at KFC is exciting. Every day they celebrate people's achievements through recognition, which is anchored in KFC's culture. They are proud of their corporate culture which is based on values that guide us in our daily lives.


KFC Restaurant in Zaragoza 

After enjoying the great discounts offered by La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, you can top off the day by having lunch or dinner at the fast food restaurant Kentaky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC. Come and enjoy the best chicken in batter, with your friends or family. Their delicious chicken is prepared and battered daily at the restaurant, using a secret recipe made with 11 herbs and spices. At KFC, there are tasty chicken pieces such as spicy chicken thighs and wings or juicy breast strips, with the Sharing Bucket being their signature item. In addition, they also offer fantastic chicken burgers, corn on the cob, milkshakes, ice cream and much more!


KFC Fried Chicken Specialties 

KFC specializes in fried chicken and offers a wide variety of menu items in the form of shareable combos. This restaurant chain is looking for your maximum comfort when it comes to sharing their specialties with your companions. Are you up for it?

Don't forget to order KFC's wide variety of chicken delicacies. All of them with their special secret breading. Tasty chicken pieces such as spicy chicken thighs and wings, juicy chicken breast strips or chicken burgers - discover them all!

Order them individually or to share.


KFC  Breast Strips 

One of their great specialties are the breast strips, with that crunchy and tempting breading. You can order them in an individual menu with all their sauces or as a combo to share with your friends.


KFC Wings 

KFC Wings are another great choice to eat alone or with friends. You have a variety of combos to choose from, with spicy or without spicy, or if you prefer, you can choose a mixed one.

In addition, you can now enjoy several batter recipes, such as the "Colonel" or the "Crispy Kentucky". Would you like to try them?


KFC chicken pieces 

For those who love chicken pieces, there are the individual "Chicken Chicken Chicken" menus. You can choose between a combo with drink and fries or a KFC hamburger combined with all its sauces. You also have the option to choose the size of your menu. Choose the medium, or the large if you are a real fan of battered chicken.

Try also our new "Pollizza", a pizza with a chicken base and you can accompany it with potatoes and a drink of your choice.


KFC Menu 

The KFC restaurant offers you a great variety of products in its menu and also a great possibility of combos to choose to share. There are the buckets for two or to share in group. On the other hand, you will find burger menus for those who love chicken burgers. They also have all kinds of salads, and their irresistible complements to accompany your menu! They have various sauces to give a special touch to the delicious breast strips and, of course, they have a large number of desserts to choose from, which will add that sweet touch to your meal.

They also have a children's menu, perfect to go with the little ones of the house, in which they offer a Children's Burger, Wrap or Breast Strips menu.

If you still have not decided with your order, we leave you their menu here, so you can enjoy their products and great offers.


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