Callaghan is the story of a Spanish family company, that started its activity in 1968 with a clear objective: creating differentiated products that combining the most expert artisan tradition deliver an added value to the customer.

After more than 40 years reinventing comfort and design, Callaghan continues to reinvent itself to create shoes that offer a unique walking experience, combining technology with craftsmanship and comfort with design. Taking care of every detail in the manufacturing process and using only top-quality natural leathers, top-level raw materials and the latest generation patented soles in the production of nautical shoes.

Thanks to its firm commitment to technological innovation, Callaghan Adaptaction “the shoe that adapts to the foot” (internationally patented technology) is constantly evolving, positioning itself today as a leading brand specialized in comfort. It is currently consolidated in more than 30 countries due to a progressive internationalization process.

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