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Good news for quality footwear enthusiasts! The well-known show brand Callaghan has opened a new outlet at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. If you are a fan of comfort and style, this is your place.

Not familiar with the Callaghan shoe brand? This Spanish brand not only manufactures shoes, but is a leading company in the footwear industry with over 30 years of experience and a strong commitment to comfort and design. Callaghan’s shoes, as well as their boots, sandals, and a wide variety of products, are designed to be comfortable from the very first moment, perfectly adapting to each person’s foot.



In our new Callaghan outlet at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, you can find a wide range of footwear with various colors and designs, both for men and for women. Callaghan offers different options for all types of occasions, from loafers to sandals.

So, whether you are looking for work, a special event, summer, or winter, in our Callaghan outlet, you will always find something that suits your needs and style.

The best part is that the prices are truly attractive in this outlet. You can enjoy significant discounts on high-quality shoes. This brand is known for its durability, and thanks to its outlet prices, you will get an excellent quality-price relation.



Are you looking for quality, comfort and design in your footwear? In out Callaghan outlet you can find a wide variety of men’s footwear, including casual shoes, formal shoes, sports footwear, boots, or sandals, always sticking to the three fundamental pillars of the Spanish brand: comfort, quality and design.

Callaghan offers versatile options that meet to a wide range of needs and preferences. Callaghan’s loafers for men are known for their classic and elegant design, often crafted from high-quality leather and offering a flexible sole that provides all-day comfort.

Callaghan’s loafers often incorporate technology that provides excellent foot support and cushioning. They are ideal for both causal and formal occasions, as they can be paired with suits, chinos or even jeans. We recommend visiting out store All We Wear, where you can find the best selection of brands such as Pepe Jeans, Hackett or Façonnable.

Do Callaghan loafers seem too formal for you? If you are looking for quality, formal footwear with a more relaxed style, Callaghan boat shoes for men are you best choice. Made of leather, with a traditional design and laces, these shoes have a non-slip sole, allowing you to walk safely even on rainy days.

In short, Callaghan shoes for men represent an excellent combination of style and foot comfort, making them our best choice to complete a formal look.



 In our Callaghan store, you can also find the most comfortable footwear for women. Just like with men’s footwear, Callaghan shoes for women are crafted from high-quality materials and include cushioning technology. Making them the perfect choice for your everyday life.

In our Callaghan outlet, you can find a variety of options: warm footwear like boots for the colder winter days, sandals, and lightweight footwear for the summer, and casual, comfortable, and trendy footwear for your everyday work life.

Furthermore, women’s sneakers combine cutting-edge technology with a modern design, creating ideal athletic shoes for physical activity as well as for daily wear when you are looking to complete a more casual outfit.

This versatility allows you to combine your Callaghan shoes with fashion from stores like Desigual or Fifty, creating elegant ensembles that adapt to all aspects of your life.



Callaghan boots, available for men and women, stand out for their warmth and contemporary style, with a strong emphasis on comfort through the incorporation of cushioning and support technology. This is essential during the cold seasons to keep you warm. Moreover, the use of high-quality materials in their construction not only gives them an elegant look, but also ensures that your feet always stay warm and dry.

These boots are known for being very easy to pair with other clothing. If you plan to visit our Callaghan store, we recommend you going to Mango Outlet, where we guarantee you will find something to match your new Callaghan boots.

The combination of contemporary style, comfort, and top-quality materials makes Callaghan boots an exceptional choice to face the winter with style and confidence.



Callaghan sandals for both men and women are known for their exceptional comfort and their versatility when it comes to matching them with your wardrobe. Designed with user satisfaction in mind, these sandals strike a perfect balance between style and wellbeing.

Comfort is a key feature in all Callaghan shoes, and specially in their sandals, as they are meticulously crafted with a focus on ergonomics and cushioning technology, ensuring that your feet feel comfortable all day long, no matter where you walk. This makes them the ideal choice for long walks.

In addition to being comfortable, Callaghan sandals are easy to pair with various outfits. Their versatile and often elegant design allows you to use them with a variety of ensembles without sacrificing comfort. Our Callaghan sandals will perfectly complement your Guess outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and comfort.

Callaghan shoes are an excellent choice from both a style and fashion perspective, as well as from the stand point of comfort and well-being.

Come to La Torre Outlet Zaragoza and discover our new Callaghan outlet, where you can find this and much more, always at the best prices!


Callaghan outlet

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