Desigual was born in Barcelona in 1984. Since then, it has been an inspiring brand for individuals fascinated by a world that is free, authentic, optimistic, uncomplicated, and Mediterranean. At La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, you can discover the Desigual outlet, featuring your favorite products at the best prices.

Our Desigual outlet offers a wide range of products, with a special focus on its coats, t-shirts, and dresses. Are you looking for colorful and eye-catching accessories? At the Desigual outlet, we have them all: bags, backpacks, and sneakers to complement your Desigual look, without forgetting the most comfortable and daring touch.

Don't hesitate any longer and enjoy your favorite fashion at irresistible prices at the Desigual outlet in La Torre Outlet Zaragoza!



The products at our Desigual outlet come with incredible discounts across various collections. In this outlet, you can find great deals on a variety of styles, including both casual and more formal pieces, always with the characteristic touch of Desigual. If you're looking for a more urban style, you'll find jeans, sweaters, and hoodies.

Conversely, if you're seeking something more elegant, the Desigual outlet also offers dresses, blouses, or skirts at super prices that will add a polished touch to your outfit. Additionally, the outlet features a party section with fantasy pieces: sequins, shiny bags, or high-heeled shoes to complete your most eye-catching outfit.

Not sure how to mix and match the colorful Desigual pieces? We recommend a laid-back look paired with Clarks shoes and a scarf from Parfois.



When we think of an essential accessory in every woman's daily life, accompanying her wherever she goes, the bag might come to mind—a practical and versatile accessory. At Desigual, we believe a bag is not just for carrying a wallet, keys, and phone; it's an essential part of any woman's outfit. Its color and shape make it the perfect accessory for those seeking a bag that fits their personal style.

In our Desigual outlet, we have a wide variety of designs, shapes, and colors to suit all tastes, ensuring you'll find the bag that best matches your style.

At Desigual, you can find a bag for every situation, from larger ones for taking your laptop to the office to smaller, elegant bags for all the events on your agenda. Whether in its large or small version, for day or night, the Desigual outlet has the perfect bags to accompany any plan.

Do you like to change up your looks? Season after season, Desigual releases a wide selection of bags in different shapes—handbags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags—crafted from various materials and finishes such as leather, canvas, nylon, or even recycled materials. They often feature metallic, cracked, or shiny elements. Moreover, Desigual always considers the trendiest colors of each season, so you'll always find the most fashionable bags at our Desigual store in La Torre Outlet.

In the Desigual outlet in Zaragoza, you can also find a variety of backpacks for women, with a wide range of shapes and colors, ideal for those looking for a comfortable and functional accessory.



The most iconic garment from Desigual is undoubtedly the dress. The Desigual outlet at La Torre Outlet offers a wide variety of dresses in every color and design, whether shorter, midi, or longer. Do you have a bold hippy style? Are you into more formal looks with a pop of color? Our Desigual Outlet has a wide variety, and we are confident you'll find your ideal dress.

Desigual dresses are known for their vibrant colors, ethnic fabrics, floral prints, and innovative blends. They are bold and personality-driven, ensuring you won't go unnoticed.

What customers have valued about Desigual since the brand's inception is the versatility offered by all their garments, especially dresses. They have managed to create pieces that can be used for the most special occasions, for work, or even for a relaxed day out. In addition to this, Desigual dresses also stand out for their quality, as the materials used in their making are chosen with the utmost attention to detail.

Get your favorite dress at our Desigual outlet at La Torre Outlet, and it's sure to become your best ally for any season, because Desigual dresses never go out of style! Pair it with Laura Vita boots and a Festina necklace, and you'll be the center of attention wherever you go.


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